‘Til God Gives Us Rain
Suffering under a generations-long drought, the town of New Century upholds its traditions, and its balanced population numbers, no matter the cost, but when his wife gives birth to their third child, Ethan Graber begins to question if its time to let the old traditions fade away.

Somewhere, Beyond the Sea
When Ben is tasked with helping his granddad move into a retirement home, he wants nothing more than to be done with it and go back to making memories at college. But with his granddad’s own memories at risk, Ben soon realizes just how important memories can be.

The Brave Soul of Virginia Rose
After young Virginia Rose dies in an accident with a carriage horse, she finds herself truly afraid for the first time. Alone in the world between this life and the next, can she find the courage to confront her fears and move on to the afterlife?

The Clockmaker’s Companion
The Clockmaker created his companion, Sir Robert, to follow his orders and do good in the world. When the newly-appointed Protector of Saint’s Crossing comes for the life of his creator and friend, can Sir Robert learn to do good on his own?