Sadly, his attempt at a wizarding career ended before it began.

Justin grew up in a house filled with wild animals and a library of Stephen King and Anne Rice. He suspects this has something to do with the way his brain works.

He started telling stories as soon as he could grip a crayon. With broken sentences and scribbled drawings, he shared the stories in his head with anyone who would listen. The tools have changed, but the basic desire remains.

Thinking an artistic career out of reach, Justin began adult life with nearly a decade in the military before leaving the service to follow his wife as she chased dreams of her own.

He gave an honest effort at a corporate career, but it never felt like the right fit. Through it all, childhood dreams called from his subconscious.

Justin now writes from his calm and peaceful life in the desert with his wife and children. Sometimes, in the fleeting moments when the world is quiet and still, he wonders if it’s all a mirage.

But he knows it’s not.