The Color of Water

I often forget that water can be a prism, but had a vibrant reminder this morning. I’ve been sick with COVID the last few days (I’m vaccinated, so not worried about it, but some symptoms are still hitting me), and this morning decided to push through and get a shower to see if that got me feeling better.

In the shower I was hit with a bit of dizziness, a combination of the heat and my virus-drained energy I’m sure. During it, though, my attention was grabbed by the water droplets clinging to the shower curtain.

In each, I saw all the colors of refracted white light.

A thousand captured and vibrant rainbows drifted slowly down the curtain as I lost myself in them for a moment, brief, but beautiful.

This experience was no doubt influenced by my current state. Still, it is an excellent reminder of the amazing world all around us, an amazing world ignored in the stress and rush of the usual day-to-day.

Even something as simple as a drop of water has the power to show us a universe of beauty.

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